My Poems

So I’ve started the painful task of typing up all my poems and random rambles that I’ve been writing on scrap bits of paper and keeping in a box for the last ten years.  Oh dear god what have I gotten myself into.  I’m only bothering to type up and keep the ones I like or are meaningful to me, so a lot is going in the bin.  It’s turning out to be sort of therapeutic, destroying my old fears and issues 🙂 any way here’s one I found, now I was obviously very angry at the time and I’m over what caused me to be so angry.

When I write angry sometimes my poems can tend not to flow and be rather odd, but I like this one and think it reads well, so here you go:

It’s not just you

You’re not that special

If you think it’s only you

Then you’re fucking mental

We’ve all got issues

We’ve all got pain

You think my excuses are not valid

I just think you’re simple and lame

It’s plain to see

Why you hate me

What’s not so simple

Is the fact

That’s as hard as I try

I can’t hate you back

Hanging onto bitterness isn’t good, best to get it out of your system – Remember to smile people, it makes you live longer!!!!


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