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Welcome to RIOT’S REDEMPTION (Previously The Adventures of SacaKat & Sarah Says). Hello, I’m Riot. I started this blog site on the 28th of October 2013 with no idea what I was doing.

From time to time, I post Flash Fiction, Poetry, Dear Diary-style life pieces, and Book Reviews.

I am a neurodivergent queer whose pronouns are they/he.

I am a dreamer, reader, abstract artist, wannabe world traveler, and a parent of two.

I’m friendly, unless I’m hungry, so feel free to say hello.

You can contact me [Here] or find me below > >

Instagram | Goodreads | Twitter | TikTok

@AusYABloggers Queer Book Chat

Conversations 001: Star Robinson and I chat about things we noticed during Pride month, the importance of F/F in LGBTQ+ books and being able to see yourself in characters and we also give some F/F reading recommendations. Read HERE.

Conversations 002: Brooklynne Michelle and I chat about Trans fiction and Brooklynne’s hunt for excellent Transgirl fiction and queer fiction in general, we discuss books we’ve read and books we are looking forward to reading. Read HERE.


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