Going to work versus staying a stay at home mum

So I’m going back to work 4 half days a week now. It’s fairly flat out at work, so I guess I don’t get much time to feel sorry for myself and miss my son.

I would much rather be at home with my son and I would quit work altogether if we could afford it. I’ve loved the four months I’ve gotten to be a stay at home mum, getting to play with and watch my son grow, having seven days a week to get the house work done as appose to the two days I had when I was working full time. I refuse to go back to work full time, to hell with the consequences, even if it means we have to change our lifestyle, I just want to be with my son.

Just thought I’d add how I loathe house work, but I hate a messy house just as much, if I could just keep my husband out of the house then it would stay clean – hmmm I’m sure lots of women have this problem.

I did enjoy the time I had back at work this week tho – apart from the new guy – Now I sense that maybe he’s just trying to fit in and make everyone like him, perhaps, but he never shuts up, he chimes in on everyone’s conversations, drives me nuts.

When I first met him I wasn’t keen on him, but I said to myself give him the benefit of the doubt, you’re just being biased because you were so close to his predecessor. His predecessor and I used to spend our lunch times talking and whingeing about the world, kind of like what I do with this blog now. Ok so yes I am biased so I asked one of my workmates what he thought of the new bloke and he confirmed, no the new guy is a wanker and a pain in the arse – DAMN IT! Was hoping it was just me and I’d get over it.


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