Please child stop crying

This poem came to me this morning while I had a sooky, sleepy baby sitting in my lap, I thought you all might enjoy it.

Please child stop crying

Yes there is no denying

You’re in pain

Please child stop crying

Your tears are driving me insane

Please child stop crying

The way you are screaming

With your wet cheeks gleaming

The neighbours will think you’re dying

I keep and keep trying

To sooth and calm you

Please child stop crying

You’re making me cry to

Please kid I’ve only got 2 hands

And I’ve done all I can

And it’s really hard to think at 2am

Please child stop crying

Go to sleep

Come on there’s no harm in trying

Mummy will pass out on the floor and try to

Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

In this week’s writing challenge we are being asked to explore what age means to us.

I always wanted to grow up, to be older. I looked forward to each birthday with great enthusiasm. I think the turning point was when I hit twenty four. As a teenager I’d told myself I’d get my shit together as an adult and it’d be awesome. When I turned twenty four I really struggled and had a life crises in my head, I tried to keep it to myself and not let on how much I was freaking out inside. At twenty four my life was nothing like I had planned! And I couldn’t handle that fact. I’ve always been obsessed with age and am terrified of death. Since having my son at twenty six, I got over my whole life not as I planned issues, because he’s better than anything I had planned. I have to remind myself daily that I’m not old. That I’m still young at twenty seven and can still accomplish all the things I want to. My dreams have changed since having my son and I really do think they changed for the better. Before having my son I dreamed constantly of being nineteen and carefree again! But I wouldn’t go back now. I really wish I could slow down time, so I could enjoy my current life and my son’s for two life times, because one will simply not be enough for all the love I have and all the things I want to do.

I guess age is just a number and it’s all about how you feel. Well some days I’m still that carefree nineteen year old. Some days I feel one hundred and some days I’m still a fucked up scared little fifteen year old who’s experiencing the real world for the first time.

I think I freak out the older I get because I’m pushing the risk factor, like every year I survive the universe is compounding more ways to take me out before I’m ready. I try to live my life with no regrets, because when I’m lying on my death bed at hopefully a ripe old age, I don’t want to be afraid, I want to say ‘’Yep I had a good time, I accomplished all I wanted and I’m reading for the party to end’’.

I am working towards my dreams and my goals. But just like telling myself every day I have time, I must tell myself to be patient because these things will not happen overnight.

Playlist of the week

Playlist of the week. Post 66 of 365 post prompt 2014.

Today’s post asks us to write about how our week went putting together five songs that represent it.

Well I’ve decided I’d sum up an average seven day week in the life of me:

Manic Monday. Swimming Lesson. A hard day’s night. Money. Stuck in the middle with you. Family of noise. Stand by me.

MONDAY would be represented by The Bangles ‘Manic Monday’. It’s just another manic Monday. Everyone can relate, no one likes Mondays. Everyone still wishes it was Sunday ‘cause that’s our funday, when we don’t have to runday.

TUESDAY would be represented by The Eels ‘Swimming Lesson’. It’s a downer of a song and I’m only choosing it because of its title. I take my son to swimming lessons on Tuesdays.

WEDNESDAY would be represented by The Beatles ‘Hard Day’s Night’. Wednesday. Hump Day. Who doesn’t feel like they’ve been working like a dog!

THURSDAY would be represented by The Beatles ‘Money’. Thursday is payday. I want money, that’s what I want. Enough said.

FRIDAY would be represented by Stealers Wheel ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’. Because by Friday sometimes I do feel like there is clowns to the left of me jokers to the right.

SATURDAY would be represented by Adam Ant ‘Family Of Noise’. Saturday normally the three of us get to be together and go out and do something as a family. So I’m picking this song for its title, because with my son and I, we definitely are a Family of Noise.

SUNDAY would be represented by Ben E. King ‘Stand By Me’. Stand by me is one of my all-time favourite songs and it suits a loving, lazy, snuggly, family Sunday.



Buffalo Nickel

Today’s Post entitled Buffalo Nickel asks us to dig through our couch cushions, purse or the floor of our car and look at the year printed on the first coin we find, and then write about what we were doing that year.

Hahahaha well the first coin I pulled out of my wallet was a twenty cent piece from 1967.

I wasn’t born in 1967; in fact my mother was only 9 years old and would have still been attending Toronto Primary School. My mother, my Aunt Sharon and my Grandparents would have only recently moved from their small flat in Victory parade above the Workshop that was owned by my great grandfather at the time, to their first real family home, which is where my grandparents still live in Carey Bay. So 1967 was probably a very good year for my mother.

My father, well he would have been 9 years old also, but I’ve never heard any particular stories about that year. Most of his childhood stories are along the line of catching snakes in the bush. He tells stories of getting bitten and getting sick, stories of putting the captured snakes in his dad’s bird cages, then getting in trouble when all his dads birds started to disappear, but none of the stories have a date.

So I thought I’d see that was happening in Australia in 1967 – Here are the things I found interesting:

On the 7th February Massive bushfires devastate much of the Tasmanian capital of Hobart and surrounding areas. Well nothing much has changed there we are and will always be a country ravaged by fire.

On the 1st March the Royal Australian Navy replaced the British White Ensign flag on all its ships with the Australian White Ensign. Woo Hoo we’re Aussie and proud.

On the 4th April the Australian government announces it will not ban the oral contraceptive pill, maintaining that the risk of thrombosis is “very slight”. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!!

On the 27th May Indigenous Australians are given the right to be counted in the national census after a national referendum and legislation changing citizenship laws. IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!!!

On the 1st July the postcode system of postal address coding is introduced throughout Australia. Wow I’d never thought of a time when it didn’t exist! How on earth did they get the mail to the right people?

On the 1st August Qantas Airways drops the word ‘Empire’ from its name.

On the 1st October the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service is established.

DRAMA!! Our Prime Minister was Harold Holt in 1967 until 19th December, when Holt disappears while swimming in heavy surf at Cheviot Beach in Victoria. Following the disappearance of Holt, Country Party leader John McEwen is sworn in as interim Prime Minister pending the election of a new government leader by the Coalition parties. BUT 20th December John McEwen announced he will not serve in a government led by Liberal Party deputy leader William McMahon, Harold Holt’s presumed successor, triggering a leadership crisis for the Coalition.

AND the most important thing that happened in 1967 and my ‘Tory’ loving daddy will agree: General Motors Holden exports its 100,000th car and launches its first compact sedan, the Torana! Yeah Baby!!!

Post 52 of 365 Writing Prompts 2014 (M29)

The Enemy

The Enemy (8th of 18 Reacher Novels) by Lee Child

Goodreads Synopsis:

Jack Reacher. Hero. Loner. Soldier. Soldier’s son. An elite military cop, he was one of the army’s brightest stars. But in every cop’s life there is a turning point. One case. One messy, tangled case that can shatter a career. Turn a lawman into a renegade. And make him question words like honor, valor, and duty. For Jack Reacher, this is that case.

New Year’s Day, 1990. The Berlin Wall is coming down. The world is changing. And in a North Carolina “hot-sheets” motel, a two-star general is found dead. His briefcase is missing. Nobody knows what was in it. Within minutes Jack Reacher has his orders: Control the situation. But this situation can’t be controlled. Within hours the general’s wife is murdered hundreds of miles away. Then the dominoes really start to fall.

Two Special Forces soldiers—the toughest of the tough—are taken down, one at a time. Top military commanders are moved from place to place in a bizarre game of chess. And somewhere inside the vast worldwide fortress that is the U.S. Army, Jack Reacher—an ordinarily untouchable investigator for the 110th Special Unit—is being set up as a fall guy with the worst enemies a man can have.

But Reacher won’t quit. He’s fighting a new kind of war. And he’s taking a young female lieutenant with him on a deadly hunt that leads them from the ragged edges of a rural army post to the winding streets of Paris to a confrontation with an enemy he didn’t know he had. With his French-born mother dying—and divulging to her son one last, stunning secret—Reacher is forced to question everything he once believed…about his family, his career, his loyalties—and himself. Because this soldier’s son is on his way into the darkness, where he finds a tangled drama of desperate desires and violent death—and a conspiracy more chilling, ingenious, and treacherous than anyone could have guessed.


My thoughts:

This the eighth Reacher novel is set eight years before the first novel ‘The Killing Floor’. ‘The Enemy’ is an emotional thrilling roller coaster ride and it’s become my favourite Reacher novel so far. This book sucked me in, it was extremely intense and I raced through the last chapters dying to know the outcome. I kept getting cranky with my husband for interrupting me while I was reading, I NEEDED to get to the end.


Two very big things happen to Reacher in this book, he loses his mother and he loses faith in the people who govern him. We see Reacher start to change and you can see how he eventually turns into the drifter vigilante we all know and love. I really enjoyed seeing Reacher in his army days, reading familiar names that pop up in later books and seeing him interact with his brother.

The ‘case’ is a big one and the who-done-it will keep you entertained and guessing. Mr Child doesn’t disappoint he gives us another action packed thrilling adventure to go on Reacher with. Five out of five stars.



My son is going to be an artist?

I just finished cleaning up after my seven month old son Riley made me a finger painting, on the bathroom tiles, with his own spew.

I was in the bathroom and Riley was sitting on the floor next to me, right when I was unable to grab him he vomited (milk spit up) and proceeded to rub it around the tiles and make patterns. He made a rather large mess on the floor and was looking up at me smiling proudly.

He just frowned at me as I picked him up and moved him then continued to clean up his ‘art’.

Oh the Joy of Parenthood.



Life Lately

I haven’t had time to post much lately, things have been rather hectic.

I’ve lost many hours and been through a great deal of stress trying to get everything organised for my son to start day care next week. So I’m already upset at the fact that I’m losing my baby boy to strangers, then I get dicked around by the government over child care rebates – NOT HAPPY JAN!!! Anyway I got it all sorted today finally, but DAMN why does everything have to be so hard!

I’m constantly on edge at the moment and it’s really starting to get on top of me – I NEED A BREAK – but as a mum I’ll never get one again. Just when I think I’m at my lowest point, in the darkest frame of mind I’ve ever been in, I get lower and it gets darker, I’m swinging like a god damn chimpanzee.

I did have a high light on Tuesday, it was my son’s first swimming lesson. I was really nervous, but Riley seemed to have a good time. He loves the water, he was one of the few babies who didn’t cry. When he was supposed to be floating on his back he kicked his legs and when he was supposed to be kicking he was just staring at the ceiling or watching the other babies – Yep that’s my boy easily distracted and doesn’t do what he’s told (sounds just like me all the way through school).

Tomorrow is February first so I’m going to get back on the band wagon with the 365 post challenge, I haven’t managed to do it for a few days now.

Also tomorrow I’ll be attending a day course on creative writing run by the Hunter Writers Centre. Really the last thing I feel like doing at the moment is going to a course in town, I’d rather stay in bed for a month straight in a dark quiet cave, but I know I’ll enjoy myself one I get there. I hope! I’m going to have to try a shut the real world out for the day.

First train ride

My world has been shattered, I’m a Tiger not a Rabbit. My birthdays before Chinese New Year, I was born in their 86. I am going down to China Town with my mum and Riley on the train tomorrow, so this matter I will investigate further. Tomorrow will be my son Riley’s first train ride and first trip to Sydney – Wish me luck!!!