Arms Around Me

My Mind the Menace a debut poetry collection by new to the publishing world poet Sarah Fairbairn. That’s Me That’s Me.

This is a collection from a darker period in Sarah’s life, a period she is happy to say she made it through. Here as a teaser is two poems from the collection available now at Smashwords.

Arms around me

I want to run and hide

Down deep inside

How happy I would be

You no longer poisoning my mind

Please set my soul free

I’d no longer need to lie

Without your arms around me

But I’m frozen in pain

Shame won’t let me leave

The failure I’ve become

Is unbecoming to me

You no longer by my side

I’d set my soul free

But with you till I die

I told you I would be

So here still I lie

With your arms around me

I feel the need to cry

But the tears won’t leave me

While you wallow in sorrow and self-pity

Why don’t you just leave me?

All the past tears we’ve cried

With your arms around me

I’m trying to figure out why

And if I should leave

But with you till I die

I told you I would be

So here still I lie

With your arms around me


About the Author  That’s Me That’s Me.

When Sarah Fairbairn Isn’t at her day job, dancing around annoying the other employees at her family’s mechanical workshop, or running around and looking after her two boys, her Nine month old Son and her Husband, she locks herself away in her Bat Cave or rather Sac Cave, fully fitted out with an old lounge chair and dining table as a writing desk, typing out her blog posts, trying to get some reading done and or cruising the web. Her poetry is usually scribbled on bits of paper scattered over her work desk, car and handbag, as thoughts always strike her at the most inconvenient moments or when she is without her much loved tablet PC. She has been writing poetry since High School and has a passion for reading, although having a small child leaves her less time read these days as she would like.

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