My Mind the Menace a debut poetry collection by new to the publishing world poet ***ME*** Sarah Fairbairn.

This is a collection from a darker period in my life, a period I am happy to say I made it through. Here as a teaser is one of the poems from the collection available now at Smashwords.


You are self-scented

But self-sufficient you are not

Your arguments for your behaviour are rot

You will never grow up

You were not taught how

A responsible adult is all I ask for

All I get is a childish howl

You are never happy with what you’ve got

And some of what you think you’ve got

You have not

You lost my love

Betrayed by my fraying heart

From this life we started living

I did depart

I am not only to blame

Although I’ll take on all the shame

To washed up madness you have driven me

A life full of joy

You have not given me

To think I once thought you might be

The one who was meant for me

Seeds don’t sow with only neglect

I am sure one day you will reflect

And regret you did not look after me

Now watch me take away

What you thought was your happy


About the Author

When I’m not at my day job, dancing around annoying the other employees at my family’s mechanical workshop, or running around and looking after my two boys, my Nine month old Son and Husband, I lock myself away in my Bat Cave or rather Sac Cave, it’s fully fitted out with an old lounge chair and dining table as a writing desk, I’ll be typing out my blog posts, trying to get some reading done and or cruising the web. My poetry is usually scribbled on bits of paper scattered over my work desk, car and handbag, as thoughts always strike me at the most inconvenient moments or when I’m without my much loved tablet PC. I have been writing poetry since High School and have a passion for reading, although having a small child leaves me less time read these days as I would like.

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