Here Among The Ruins

Here Among The Ruins by Regina Puckett

There is no Goodreads Synopsis with this one, just a line stating that it is a poetry collection, then a sample of one of the poems.

Drink Our Fill:

Ever once awhile and again

I think back to where it begin

A tracing of a fingertip

A momentary trip and slip

Goosebumps and shivers

Moments sliced into slivers

A pause and then a glance

Wondering if there could be a chance

If only time could somehow stand still

While our hearts drank their fill


My Thoughts:

This is the second poetry collection I’ve read by Regina and yet again she has put together another appealing collection. I find Regina’s poems to be elegant, easy to read, understand and enjoy. There is rhyme and sing song and the pages are filled with heart felt emotions, the good and the bad.

I found in this collection as with the previous one I’ve read (Reaching for the Moon) that her poems flowed beautifully and I could really connect with the emotions in most of them and enjoyed reading them all.

You can find out more about Regina and her multiple published works here > >



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