Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

When I hear or read the term ‘Selfie’ I immediately think of drunk young women taking photos in pub toilets with their girlfriends or little teenagers dressed like underage prostitutes taking photos of themselves in their bathroom mirrors or even muscle bound men wanting to so off their guns.

So it’s was nice to see some more artististic versions like the photo given as an example for this weeks challenge (Link Bellow).

I hate my photo being taken and my form of a selfie is more like this, me just being silly >>IMG_5724


I’ve had to learn to get over my photophobia though as i’m always taking selfies with my son these days. So here is a Self Portrait I just took, I really couldn’t think of anything very artistic to do with it, I don’t have any interesting reflective surfaces etc around me at the moment.

Selfie Me




7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

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