Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Even though i’m an only child, if you add up all my Aunties, Uncles and Cousins I have a fairly large family, but for this weeks photos i decided to go with a series of recent shots i took of My Dad, My Son & My Grandfather.

These photos were taken in one of my Grandfather’s bird aviaries (Both my Father and Grandfather breed Zebra Finches). This was the first time Riley had met his Great Grandfather as the last time i saw him i was still pregnant. It was Norm’s 87th birthday!! Riley wouldn’t cooperate in the photos and give me a smile, but they all seemed pretty impressed with each other :-).


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. Great photos, Sarah. Lovely to have the 3 generations together. I have some pictures of Emily and I with my mum and Nan. They are even more special to me since losing my nan.

    • I’ve always thought of Poppie as an old man, as he was sixty and already retired when I was born – but I shocked myself when I realised how old he was getting. In my mind he’s never changed, always looked and acted the same.

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