Rogue: #Loveozya Review

This fantastic #AusYABloggers and #macmillanaus tour that I’m taking part in is to celebrate the release of Rogue the second book in the Hive duology by A.J.Betts, but I read the books back to back. I finished the last page of Hive, made a fresh cup of tea and started reading Rogue, so for me it was one 618-page epic dystopian Australian story. I loved it.

Any of you #LoveOZYA aficionados out there, any of you dooms day and dystopian lovers out there, to you I say; if you haven’t already read Hive, get on it. I recommended you buy/borrow them both and read them back to back as I did.

44787359. sy475 Rogue (Hive #2) by A.J. Betts
Genre: Dystopian #LoveOzYa
Publication: June 25th 2019
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Source: Review copy provided as part of the tour – Thank you
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Rating: ✵✵✵✵✵

There was no going back; there was no choice, anymore. I’d chosen out and this was it: hot-cold, dry-wet, bright-dark and lonely.

Hayley has gone rogue.

She’s left everything she’s ever known – her friends, her bees, her whole world – all because her curiosity was too big to fit within the walls of the underwater home she was forced to flee.

But what is this new world she’s come to? Has Hayley finally found somewhere she can belong?

Or will she have to keep running?

I think you could read Rogue as a standalone, but you’d be going in without already having established a connection with the POV character Hayley and you’d be depriving yourself of Hive.

Now for those you that have read Hive. Any questions left from Hive are answered in Rogue and it all ends well for Hayley. There are some super tense times in between and the journey is one you will be immersed in.

I am now going to attempt to sum up the duology without spoilers.

HIVE: I warmed to Hayley immediately. And I found myself caring about her from the start.

We meet Hayley living what could be described as a cultish life with a few hundred other people in a Beehive like home. A Dystopian world, without any real grasp of when or where they are existing, but they all have this extreme belief in “god”, that causes the inhabitants to never question the world in which they live. Except for Hayley. Hayley always asks questions. Along the course of the first book Hayley makes some new friends/allies who open her mind – this puts her danger… etc etc. Que dramatic ending that makes you need to move onto to Rogue straight way.

ROGUE: Their life. Their world. Their people’s history a fabricated hive of lies.

Hayley is out. Free from the Hive, but not from danger.

Hayley meets new people as she explores this whole other part to the world that she never knew existed. Some people are kind and take her in and help her, not all of them are what they seem, and some are only out to use her for their own gain.

In this book we find out when and where it is; the year 2119, Australia. A hundred years into a terrifyingly possible feeling future.

Up above the water religion has long been outlawed. And there are all sorts of rules about where people can and can’t go. Many species are extinct, including bees and cows.

We find out all about the underwater Vault that Hayley had thought was the whole world, which is located off Australia, down past Tassie, further out and very deep down. With find out why the first people hid down there, what happened to the ones that didn’t and why the one’s that did never came back up.

There are warnings and parallels to our lives now running through Rogue and I think that makes it feel all the more real when you are reading it.

But that’s okay because the ending makes you smile and your heart hum.

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5 thoughts on “Rogue: #Loveozya Review

    • Yes you must. The only thing that could have made it better would have been some queer characters – But they were two lovely and exciting books that focused mainly on friendship and exploring the world around the protagonist.

  1. I love the focus of the series being on friendship and adventure, it sounds really unique. I had to skim a little because I haven’t read Hive yet and have a feeling it’s best to go in with little knowledge about the world A. J Betts has created. Thanks so much for sharing Sarah, really excited to read this one!

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