The #AusYaBloggers 2018 Reading Challenge: January

It’s Back Baby! The challenge is based on four prompts each month, including one prompt that will be specifically for a #LoveOzYA title.

YA Graphic Novels can be counted, as can YA Novellas and MG novels, but only one can be used each month and a book may only be used once per prompt. There are three YA book price packs up for grabs and it’s not too late to join.

Disclaimer: to be eligible for the prices you must be either an Aussie or Kiwi, be a member of the #AusYaBloggers and signed up for the challenge.

> > Find out more here < <

My Pick #1: Shadows of the Realm, is a self-published #LoveOzYA fantasy novel that is the first in a trilogy. I’ve had this book on my shelf and TBR list since I met Dionne at a Hunter Writers Centre event in 2013. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to crack it open.

My Pick #2: The YA romance Every Day, is another one that has been on my TBR list for a while now and as above, this seemed like the perfect opportunity read it.

My Pick #3: The 2017 highly anticipated #LoveOzYA Contemporary Take Three Girls went on my TBR before it was even published and I got my hands on a copy as fast as I could. Bring it on Cath, Simmone and Fiona.

My Pick #4: And last but not least, Gemina. Ah Gemina, I pre-ordered you back in 2016 because I loved Illuminae so much, but *sigh* I haven’t had a chance to read you yet – this is the perfect excuse to push you forward on my TBR!


4 thoughts on “The #AusYaBloggers 2018 Reading Challenge: January

  1. I still haven’t read Gemina either Sarah and I preorded it as well before release. I was going to read it but it’s so long and trying to work my review copies into the prompts. I just have the one read to go in Ida then I can’t get cracking on more review copies ❤

    • Oh how useless are we bahahahaha poor Gemina. We’ll get there one day and it will be a glorious read, I’m sure.
      I still need to get a copy of Ida. I thought I’d ordered it when it was first released, after a while when it never turned up i went back and checked my Booktopia orders and it wasn’t on any – so i must have dreamed i ordered it LOL oh dear.

  2. Every Day by David Levithan is one of my favorite books! The concept was really dope, and the message behind it all was so important. I have an ARC of Gemina that I’ve had yet to read, but I have no idea why. I loved the heck out of Illuminae so hopefully, I’ll get to it soon! This is a great TBR, I hope you enjoy all of your reads 🙂

    • Awesome (that you luuuuuv Every Day). And Thank you (i’m pretty impressed with my TBR as well).
      Maybe it’s Gemina physical size that’s put us all off? It’s big and beautiful, but when i’m tired and sore, after work-work and the kids and the housework, a little paperback feels less daunting.

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