Bookish Babble: Y16.W8

babble3The “It had to be done” Edition:

The Twilight Saga movies would have to be the most meme’d book to movie adaptation of all time.There are so many meme’s bagging the shit out of the series. So today’s task wasn’t finding content for this Babble, because the content is endless, but finding funny or intelligent content – well yeah, that’s wasn’t so easy.

I purposely went looking for the Raptor watches Edward watching Bella meme because I remember finding it amusing the first time I saw it.

That then lead to a bunch of Raptor and Dino memes that were much better than the twilight ones.


Oh yeah, “bookish” babble – Back to Twilight.

Yeah OK, I did laugh the first time I saw this one!

Yeah valid point meme maker, valid point.

DAMN! I hadn’t even thought about that until I saw this meme for the first time today haha.

funny twilight meme creep

Yeah… Who’s up for more Raptor Memes? ME!


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