Bookish Babble: Y16.W7


The “I needed to Smile” Edition:


Hahaha silly raccoon, it can’t read!


image (1)

Yeah, Shane would never be stupid enough to utter those words LOL.

image (2)

A comfy chair, a good book and a glass of wine = Perfect night in! 🙂 who’s with me?

image (3)

AHHHHH sometimes they really do make a mess of the adaptation :-(.

Ha ha get it, Faction, ha ha :-P.

Yeah, I’ll go now!

Until next time, enjoy your shelves :-).

2 thoughts on “Bookish Babble: Y16.W7

  1. These are just what I needed too Sarah 😀
    I don’t think any man would be game enough to use a books or me ultimatum to any female reader. They’ll never win. Ever. My hubster encourages me to buy MORE books, mostly so I stop nagging and he can game in peace 😀

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