Bookish Babble Y15.W10


Bookish Gifts Edition:

Christmas gift ideas anyone, there is only 40 days to go! Oh man that’s depressing! Where the flibbity jibbit has this year gone.

IMG_1791I purchased the above bookmark, cause I can, for myself, of off Behind the Pages. Gina has a lovey gift worthy range of hand painted water colour Harry Potter, Throne of Glass, Shatter Me and Illuminae bookmarks, as well as some special edition Christmas ones!!!

Image of DOUBLE TROUBLE - Jam Jar Candles

Everything on Nook and Burrow’s site, I want it all. All the handmade wooden bookmarks and all the bookishly awesome scented soy candles. Gimme, gimme, gimme. They also have a whole bunch of Christmas themed bookish goodies.

Bookish Baubles, I doubt that they’d be super difficult to make. I found this image at Book Nerd Reviews. I’m going to go op-shopping and hopefully finding some well-loved copies of classics to use. I’ve got a rough idea in my head on how I’m going to accomplish this just from looking at the photo. If they work out I’ll do a DIY post for my creations.

From Craftaphile.

From Creative ‘try’ als.

These are two cute and crafty bookish gifts (or decorations for yourself at home) that would require a trip to the second hand store and a lot of spare time – but aren’t they nifty. I’m wondering how long it would take me to make a few of the rolled paper ones out of news paper, then pant them with a water / PVA green paint tinged mix.

And last but not least: BOOKS!! All book nerds love them some books for Christmas.

I’ve already purchased some bookish Christmas gifts from Nook and Burrow, the Book Depository and Big W – I’m trying to be super organised this year :-).

Until next time 🙂 enjoy your shelves 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bookish Babble Y15.W10

  1. I am so unorganised for Christmas this year. It is coming up way too fast! These are all incredible, I especially love the bauble and the book trees. I don’t have much patience for crafts though so I don’t see myself making any. Great ideas though. Thanks for sharing.

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