Live Life Sunny Side Up by Jeremyville


Published Date: 14th July 2015 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis mk3

Be Patient, Don’t Let the Haters In, Live in the Light, and Build Your Own Rainbow—these and many more inspiring reminders from Jeremy Ville fill the pages of Live Life Sunny Side Up.

To break out of a creative funk, artist and designer Jeremyville began pairing positive affirmations with simple, yet thought-provoking drawings and posting them online under his “Community Service Announcements” project. The response was overwhelming, and the result is a library of 800 images in just a few years. Live Life Sunny Side Up collects 100 of the most inspiring CSAs guaranteed to bring you out of a funk even on your worst days. This collection of simple and cheerful messages is perfect to give to a friend or keep on your nightstand for those days when you need a quick pick-me-up or a reminder to “Live Free Range Instead.”image (4)+Goodreads buttonMy Thoughts mk3When I hear the term “Self-Help” I think of a repetitive preachy text book full of pages and pages of junk that while wonderful on paper is useless in the real world – not that I’ve read that many, so shame on me, I guess! If more of them are like this book I would happily give them a go.

SO this book is categorised as a “self-Help” book, but don’t let that put you off. This book collects Jeremyville’s all-time favourites of his “Community Service Announcements”. The illustrations are bright, colourful and cuter then a baby elephant. The messages are simple but powerful and relevant. It is watermelon flavoured bubble-gum sweet and it will make you smile. It might even make you think to call your mother once in a while.

I would love to have TRUST IN YOUR IDEAS AND JUMP and OWN YOUR STRANGENESS as big posters on my wall at home, however I don’t think my husband would be into it.

image (3)While I wasn’t blown away, I did enjoy reading It.


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Jeremyville is a New York based artist, product designer and author. His art is about simple, thought provoking messages told in an instantly recognisable style.

Jeremyville grew up by the ocean at Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia, and started his art career drawing at the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, while completing his Architecture Degree from Sydney University, and editing the student newspaper Honi Soit. It was amidst this education in print at the age of 19, that he first discovered the power of simple writing, and the impact that an iconic image can have in helping to change the world.

Jeremyville draws daily in his sketchbook and shares his Community Service Announcements through his social media, with messages of environmental action, social change, inner growth and positive daily actions.

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