Top Ten Tuesdays: 1st Attempt


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by Capturyyyy

May 19th’s Top Ten Tuesday is Freebie YOUR CHOICE OF TOPIC and because this is my first Top Ten Tuesday, I was like ummmmmmmm. So I read back though the recent list and went for April 7th’s Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With.


1) Percy Jackson  – Is he as adorable in his late thirty’s? Did he marry Annabeth and live happily ever after in New Rome? (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series & The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan).

2 & 3-ish) Mr Darcy and all those Bennett sisters – Did Mary and Kitty ever find a man? Did Lydia ever grow up? Did Lizzy and Jane live happily ever after with their wealthy men? (Pride and Prejudiced by Jane Austen).

4) Albert – Did he find the promise land, old Australia? Did he find where his heart and soul belonged? What happened to that wonderful platypus!!!! (Albert of Adelaide by Howard L. Anderson).

5) TJ – What adventures and mischief did he get into once he parted ways with Albert? (Albert of Adelaide by Howard L. Anderson).

6 & 7) Wanda and Melanie – What became of their lives and loves? How did the earth hold up? Did the humans take over again? (The Host by Stephenie Meyer) on closer look at this it seem that Meyer was going to turn it into a trilogy, but back when it came out and I read it in 2008 it was a one off as far as I know??

8) Seth – I loved that little wolf boy, what ever happened to him and his sister? (The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer).

9) All the Characters in We all looked up – Did the meteor kill them all? Did some of the earth survive? (We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach).

10) Luna Lovegood – What ever happened to her? Did she get happily ever after with kids? Did she continue the Quibbler for her father or did she get herself some other magical profession (The Harry Potter phenomenon by J.K. Rowling).

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: 1st Attempt

  1. Spending more time with favorite characters is always tempting.

    It can be wonderful if it works but not so good if it doesn’t. (I’m thinking of some of the unnecessary sequels to classics we got in the 90s like Scarlett).

    This is one reason I’m both excited and concerned about the upcoming follow-up to To Kill A Mockingbird.

  2. YAY! I love TTT posts and great choice of topic Sarah.

    I dare say that The Host will never be more than the one book. Meyer just seems to eager to make as much money as possible now and won’t be coming out with anything new anytime soon. I think she’s still milking what she can from Twilight, as I heard there’s a series of movie shorts being produced. She shits me. LOL. Yes, PERCY! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since that was released. Like Harry Potter, he’ll have his fictional children who are, quarter bloods? I wouldn’t be opposed to another series, as long as they don’t make any more movies.Those were horrid 😀

    • I loved the Host, but yes I do hope it never turns into some long drawn out saga. The Host move adapt’ isn’t too bad (I don’t think it ever made it to cinemas here, but I bought the DVD). I loved reading as a primary school aged kid, but I was too cool for it in high school (I was such a drongo) and I actually liked the Twilight books, as they were really the first books I read when I got back into it. It’d be interesting if I read them again now, would I like them as much? but I do a thing for shapeshifters! I don’t think I’d watch anymore twilight movies, unless they were about the tribe, the last two were rather Meh.

      Yes the Percy movies were a MAJOR let down. They manged to make good Harry Potter movies, so it is possible to make a good movie adapt (also I liked the The Giver & Maze Runner movies). The young fella they got to play Percy was cute. I read somewhere that he turned down making anymore, must think he’s to good now he’s done an action-war movie with Brad Pitt, OR just saw how bad they sucked :-P. I think I preferred the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series over The Heroes of Olympus series, but I loved them both. My only quarrel with the The Heroes of Olympus series was there wasn’t enough Percy LOL (Leo was awesome), but yes I’d read another spin off. I’ll get around to trying Rick Riordan’s MG/YA Cane Chronicles and his adult books one of these days.

  3. I remember seeing all those Bennet sisters on a lot of lists when this was the topic. I think that’s the point of all those Pride & Prejudice follow-ups. People just want more of that family and like to imagine different situations.
    Here’s my TTT

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