Devils Juice

(No this poem is not about me, It’s merely an observation!)

Decided on drinking rum

For as long as the bottle lasts

Regretting the decision

Fills up the next day

Head aching so hard

That all other thoughts gone away

Replaying the night over

Fragments are missing

My memory betrays me

How did I get these cuts on my feet

Oh the back door is broken

And now there is blood on the sheets

My tongue feels like sandpaper

And there is vomit on my shirt

God I wish the room would stop spinning

And my head didn’t hurt

I swear I’ll never touch that devils juice again

Oh who am I kidding

I am lying

And I am ashamed

Tonight I will do it all again

The world is too dark

And I’m afraid

It is too dark to be sober

So I will stay drunk and brave

Cover Forest DKFeatured in my upcoming collection – The World Around Me

Out Now is >>>


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