Playlist of the week

Playlist of the week. Post 66 of 365 post prompt 2014.

Today’s post asks us to write about how our week went putting together five songs that represent it.

Well I’ve decided I’d sum up an average seven day week in the life of me:

Manic Monday. Swimming Lesson. A hard day’s night. Money. Stuck in the middle with you. Family of noise. Stand by me.

MONDAY would be represented by The Bangles ‘Manic Monday’. It’s just another manic Monday. Everyone can relate, no one likes Mondays. Everyone still wishes it was Sunday ‘cause that’s our funday, when we don’t have to runday.

TUESDAY would be represented by The Eels ‘Swimming Lesson’. It’s a downer of a song and I’m only choosing it because of its title. I take my son to swimming lessons on Tuesdays.

WEDNESDAY would be represented by The Beatles ‘Hard Day’s Night’. Wednesday. Hump Day. Who doesn’t feel like they’ve been working like a dog!

THURSDAY would be represented by The Beatles ‘Money’. Thursday is payday. I want money, that’s what I want. Enough said.

FRIDAY would be represented by Stealers Wheel ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’. Because by Friday sometimes I do feel like there is clowns to the left of me jokers to the right.

SATURDAY would be represented by Adam Ant ‘Family Of Noise’. Saturday normally the three of us get to be together and go out and do something as a family. So I’m picking this song for its title, because with my son and I, we definitely are a Family of Noise.

SUNDAY would be represented by Ben E. King ‘Stand By Me’. Stand by me is one of my all-time favourite songs and it suits a loving, lazy, snuggly, family Sunday.




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