Shining your light!

Sad but true – I find it easier to share my writing with strangers rather than family!

Positive Words Magazine


Sadly, this week I had news of another subscriber who has passed away. A wonderful lady who will be sadly missed by her family and I know I will miss her cheery letters as well as her submissions.

A member of her family rang to tell me and told me how surprised they’d been to find a hundred or more poems she’d written as well as copies of Positive Words. They didn’t know she’d been writing. I am sure they will enjoy reading them all but, sadly, won’t be able to tell her how much they enjoy them or how proud they are of her.

Many writers tell me their families are not interested in their work (some even quite scornful!!) and others keep their writing a secret thinking it’s not important.

Shine your light! Some will scorn but others will be amazed at your talent 🙂


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