Books I’ve Read Recently

I’ve decided to create a section on my blog ‘’Books I’ve read recently’’ dedicated to the books I read.

I love to read, but can never seem to find the time, especially now with being back a work part time and a mum to a five month old.

I am really bad at time delegation at home, fine at work, but I get home and all my plans go to shit.

So if you’re interested in any of the books below, stick around. If you’ve read any of them and would care to give me your thoughts on them that would be great, leave me a comment or if you’ve got any books you really love and would like to share, I’d love to hear about them.

So the list of books I’m going to start with:

“Second Son” a Jack Reacher short story – Lee Child

Albert of Adelaide – Howard L Anderson (reading this again because it’s awesome!)

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories

Bad Luck and Trouble (11th of 18 Reacher Novels) – Lee Child

Mop Stroud, A life in two acts with many scenes – Betty Stroud

Shadows of The Realm, Book 1 of the circle of Talia – Dionne Lister

A Time of Darkness, Book 2 of the circle of Talia – Dionne Lister (I’ve been holding off reading these two books as there’s a third on the way and I know once I’ve read the first two I’ll be hanging out for the third)

Close Call: A Doris and Jemma Vadgeventure – Eloise March

The Killing Floor (1st of 18 Reacher Novels) – Lee Child

Bitter Greens – Kate Forsyth

Die Trying (2nd of 18 Reacher Novels) – Lee Child

Initiate – Tara Maya (This is another long series, so I am scared I’ll fall in love and want them all)

The Salmon of Doubt – Douglas Adams

Casting Shadows Everywhere – L.T. Vargus

Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen (Reading again >> before reading) >>

Mr Darcy’s Diary – Amanda Grange  (and >>)

Longbourn – Jo Baker

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

Water for the elephants – Sara Gruen


Hmmmm does the randomness of the list say anything about me lol.

I’ve written these down now,

I’ve said I’ll read them,

So I have to,



Give it a few weeks and the list will probably double, especially since I’ll still have another nine Reacher novels sitting on my book shelf waiting and another 75 eBooks on my tablet WAITING, as well as I really miss Ron, Hermione, Harry, Hagrid and Dobby and need to visit Hogwarts again soon.


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