Ring Ring: Spilled Thoughts

The phone rings and I get a jolt to the guts like someone has kicked me.

I feel like I am going to bring up my lunch.

I answer the phone, ramping up my fake happy mode, asking “how may I help you” and such.

I just want peace and quiet.

I just want to sleep.

I do not want to talk to anybody.

I do not want to speak.

Everyday drags on and feels like a waste.

Yet the years speed by at a blistering pace.


One thought on “Ring Ring: Spilled Thoughts

  1. It’s something I often think about, how as women we’re praised for being strong and caring and selfless when we really should be learning that it’s fine to have bad days, bad weeks even, that we don’t need to be strong for everyone and we’re entitled to our feelings. I say fuck it, let the phone ring, self care and fuck what the world thinks ♥

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