Our Camp Quality FUNX4 Update

Hey there,

This is just a little update for those you helped us or were helping us with our fundraising for the Camp Quality Fun X4.

We should have already been on the FunX4 and been back by now, but thanks to Covid19 the dates have had to be pushed back to later in the year – We (Jake, Josh, Shane & I) are now unable to attend with the new dates.

Thankfully, Shane and I managed to raise $3980.00 before Covid19 hit. And Jake and Josh managed to raise $2825.00 – and as far as I am concerned $6805.00 for such a worthwhile charity is something to be proud of!

If you have got no idea what I’m talking about, and want to, click HERE for my post when I announced Shane and I would be going on the FUNX4.

XOXO Sarah.

Thanks for visiting sarahfairbairn.com 🙂
Until next time, enjoy your shelves 🙂

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