The Ghost Revelations: Review

Ghost Revelations (Ghost Dud #1) by Aspen Black
Genre: Reverse Harem, Urban Fantasy, Romance
Publication: October 25, 2019
Print Length: 181 pages
Source: Review copy via Silver Dagger Tours
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Rating: ✵✵✵✵

I was always told growing up in my family, surrounded by magic, that I was a dud. I had no power except the ability to talk to ghosts. It never bothered me because I enjoyed my job as a bartender at my Uncle’s bar that caters to the supernatural community. I spend my nights working and getting to flirt with my crush.

Then one night, my life turned upside down. Someone was murdered right around the corner and suddenly a hot wizard detective with a perfect bubble butt from MEPA, The Magical Entity Protection Agency, swooped in and asked for my help with the victims’ ghosts. Working with the detective soon leads to a race to stop a killer who is bent on exposing the supernatural community to humans with more deaths.

Join Victoria on her journey as she works to stop an evil being with the help from her crush Akira the werewolf, Lucian the wizard, and her ex-boyfriend Shax.

This is a reverse harem medium to fast burn book or a why choose novel.
F/M/M/M. This does include M/M heavy elements.

**WARNING** Sex, sex and more sex! BUUUUUT the non sex stuff was damn good too!

Ghost Revelations it is an Erotic Paranormal Reverse Harem book, so I knew I was in for sex, but this one also boasted a lot of story around it. I think even if you skipped over the graphically depicted sex scenes there would still be enough of the find-the-killer who-done-it action and drama to keep you entertained.

The POV Victoria is easily likable. She grew up in the paranormal world feeling rather powerless and like a failure to her extremely powerful and magical family. Okay, take out the paranormal and that’s totally relate-able.

The sex in the story mainly focuses around a Polyamorous Trio of two males and one female, Victoria. I found that I really enjoyed the chemistry the trio had in and out of the bedroom. The two males’ personalities bounced off each other really well and they both cared for and believed in Victoria, giving her confidence and the push she needed to realise she was powerful and special, regardless of what she grew up hearing her mother say.

Obviously, Victoria gets to use her powers to help catch the baddie, she gets to kick some butt and they get the killer. But I’m not going to go into that in detail – no spoilers here.

Maybe skip this one if you aren’t into graphic depictions of sex. But if your game, give it ago. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

About the Author: Aspen Black is often described as kooky by her friends. She writes the stories that have floated continuously in her imagination since she was a child. She’s a lemonade addict that really shouldn’t be allowed near lemons.
Being an introvert, she spends most of her time writing and reading her favorite books.
Please join her on her facebook and twitter feeds for up to date information on current and in-progress books.
She is a lover of all animals, having a small zoo at home.
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