Camp Quality FUNx4: Car 42

This year my husband attended the 2019 Camp Quality FUNx4, which ran from the 1st – 6th July. As one of two mechanics on the event, tasked with ensuring all 13 cars made it through the event. My Uncle Gordon Trigg was the other mechanic on hand.

My family has been involved with Camp Quality for nearly thirty years. Firstly with my grandfather being a part of setting up the Newcastle Branch of Camp Quality, my grandfather and mother both attended camps in the early days as councilors. Later my Uncle entered the Camp Quality escapade in it’s second year as an entrant, then when back the next year with my grandfather as mechanical support and he has gone along every year since. Along side Ben Mildren, he now sets the courses for both the esCarpade and FUNx4 and attends both as the mechanical support.

In 2020, my husband Shane and I will be fundraising and attending as FUNx4 participants in Car 42.

The Camp Quality FUNx4 is a 4WD event is set to challenge experienced and amateur drivers alike tackling tricky terrain through some of Australia’s most spectacular 4WD playgrounds. All the while raising much needed funds for Aussie kids facing cancer.

FUNx4 is Camp Quality’s newest outback motoring fundraiser. Hailed as Australia’s happiest 6-day 4WD adventure, in 2020 the event will begin in Caboolture on Monday 1st June, will travel through the Glashouse Mountains, Kenilworth and LandCruiser Mountain Park before finishing with three days exploring Fraser Island on Saturday 6th June.

Camp Quality provides services and programs specifically made to support children 0-13 facing cancer, who are dealing with their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis of someone they love, like a brother, sister, mum or dad. It is an extremely worthy cause and every donation no matter how big or how small helps! For more information or to donate click HERE.

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6 thoughts on “Camp Quality FUNx4: Car 42

  1. What an amazing family legacy Sarah and Camp Quality does such amazing work for children and teens. I’ve volunteered for Canteen and the Starlight foundation before and it’s something that has stayed with me all these years later. Your family is amazing Sarah and I hope your boys can carry on the tradition one day as well.

    • Thanks Kelly 🙂 ❤
      ❤ It can make you feel like your not doing enough when you have family members that have dedicated so much of their lives helping others.
      But as the saying goes, if everyone would just do a little the world would be such a better place. And it does make your heart sing 🙂

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