How did you come up with your blog name?

irritated feline

When I naming this blog I toyed around with a few names: Sarah’s World, It was briefly this when I first started, The adventures of SacaKat, which it ended up being, The adventures of a SacaKat, Adventures of SacaKat and Being SacaKat. I even tried to come up with something more bookish later on but the adventures of SacaKat had stuck by that point.

So how da hell did I, Sarah Fairbairn be coming up wif da wacked out name SacaKat you ask? Well I was born with the initials S.A.C. and if my memory serves me correctly as early as year six in primary school I would sign drawings, letters etc. as SAC4EVA. Does anybody else remember when it was all the rage to call forever 4eva? Somehow in high school year 7 or 8 it just became SACA – Briefly SacaBaby in year 9 thanks to Crystal and Chris. It stayed as SACA for roughly fourteen years as a nickname and way to sign artwork and letters to friends.

I was toying with the whole SacaKat thing around the time I was “finding myself”, which corresponded with the birth of my son and setting up this blog. Angry_679a4f_3008958 I like Tigers, Cheetahs, Panthers and Cats in general. I love their fierceness, strength and stealth. I also like looking at cute photos of kittens on the internet, but seriously who doesn’t. I don’t actually own a cat as my husband despises them,
but I feel that my spirit animal or patronus would have to be some sort of easily irritated feline – hence the Kat.

The adventures of part I got from Winne the Pooh.

So how did you guys come up with your blog names? Was it something you agonised over? Or did it come to you all by its self while you were sitting on the toilet at 2am? I’d love to hear your story.


7 thoughts on “How did you come up with your blog name?

  1. Oh I absolutely AGONISED over mine. I fretted for months. I changed my name from Notebook Sisters, because my sister stopped blogging with me and, gah, I went through stacks and STACKS of names until suddenly I just decided I liked the word Fury. xD Because it kind of sums up how I do everything really furiously passionately, so I stuck it with paper and I loved it. xD
    I love your blog “origin story”. hehe. I think I kind of have cat like traits too, tbh, but Im allergic so DOGS FOR ME.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • I love the name “Paper Fury” and your graphics :-).
      I love my dogs, they’re so easy going, easily pleased and so full of love – all the things I strive to be – but yes I do feel a kinship to cranky cats lol.
      That’s a shame about you being allergic. Must be a nightmare visiting friends that own them. Their hair gets everywhere! My mum has this black cat (He’s super evil and I love him) but seriously, she can vacuum the house and an hour later it’s covered in his hair again :-(.

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