Top Ten Tuesdays: Books I’d Love to See as Movies


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by Capturyyyy

June 2nd Is Top Ten Books I’d Love to See as Movies or TV Shows

A lot of books I love have already been turned into movies or TV shows with varying results of awesomeness and some being just plain shitty!

So this is my list of ones I think they should give ago – FYI I’m available for creative input into the production process if you’re interested; Sony? Universal? Disney? Anybody?


(1) The Divided” by Amy A. Bartol

(2) We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach 

(3) Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

(4) Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton

(5) Rev Girl by Leigh Hutton

(6) Longhorn by Jo Baker

TV Series:

(7) The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

(8) The Jack Reacher Series by Lee Child without Tom Cruise anywhere near the project

I stopped at eight – thinking so hard at this time of the morning was starting to hurt :-P.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Books I’d Love to See as Movies

    • Haha yes those two movies were a MAJOR let down! But I remain hopeful that maybe a BBC production/creative team could create something wonderful. And maybe the dragged out TV medium would allow them to stay truer to the books :-).

      • Perhaps they could and if there ever was an adaptation of Heroes of Olympus, I would likely watch it but probably with severely lowered expectations this time!

  1. We All Looked Up would make an amazing movie, a Breakfast Club type movie for the new generation. It would be pretty dark actually. TI still haven’t read the Heroes of Olympus series, but absolutely loved Percy Jackson and I’ve heard the spin off is even better. I’d be worried that the same people who produced the Percy Jackson films would have a hand in it. Oh gosh, they were horrid. What were they thinking!

    Awesome choices Sarah, especially Attachments. I can imagine that being like an old 90’s Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks type rom com ❤

    • We’re thinking along the same lines We All Looked Up and Attachments 🙂 🙂
      You’re right I should have stipulated that the producing and creative team behind those two woeful Percy Jackson movies weren’t aloud to be involved in the TV show 😛 Hey! at least I remembered about keeping Tom Cruise away from the Jack Reacher TV Series LOL.

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