Outcast by Robert Kirkman


Outcast by Robert Kirkman

Published 10th February 2015 by Image Comics & Diamond Book Distributors

I received a copy to read and review through Net Galley, so thank you to the Author and Publisher for allowing me this opportunity.

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Thanks to The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman would have to be one of the biggest names in the comic book industry at the moment. Outcast has only just put out it’s first six issues and it’s already been picked up for a TV show.

I don’t normally read things labeled as “Horror” but am happy I gave this a go. I am still rather new to the comic book world but am loving it (don’t worry I have no intention of giving up my YA Fantasy’s or any other books for that matter).

I enjoyed Outcast. I liked Kyle, I felt for the bloke. When we first meet Kyle he is living out his days in filth as a hermit, stuck in his own personal hell. Through a series of flash backs we learn of the major events in Kyle’s life and it quickly becomes evident that there has always been some sort of demonic force behind his downfall.  His mother was possessed when he was only a little boy. His wife becomes possessed, sending his little girl to hospital clinging to life and he is blamed for it. The Demons seem drawn to him. Kyle ends up with the local Reverend carrying out an exorcism, and we see him come to life again with the passion to discover the truth. That’s where this volume ends, with Kyle Vowing to discover the truth.

I intend to follow this series, I actually liked it that much. I want to see if Kyle can clear his name and get his little girl back. I want to see what happens with the big bad demon that was threatening the Reverend. And I want to find out why the demons all keep calling Kyle ‘Outcast’. I’d say i’ll wait until they do volume two rather than individual issues, so i’ll probably be waiting another six months (I’m going off of the fact that Saga a issue comes out once a month and every six they do a ‘volume’ combining the six). I don’t think I’d get enough substance in one issue, I fly though one volume as it is.

Anyway I’m rambling – five stars.

Five Stars

Author’s Links mk3

Robert Kirkman on Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/12425.Robert_Kirkman

OUTCAST Picked Up as a TV series – http://www.skybound.com/outcast-pilot-officially-picked-up/

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2 thoughts on “Outcast by Robert Kirkman

  1. You had me at the creator of The Walking Dead. I’m a massive Walking Dead fan, and have the spin off novels already. I need this one. I’m not a comic book fan really, but Kirkman is a genius and he’s brought a new lease on life to the zombie apocalypse (as much as you can breath life into zombies), so I’m excited to see what he does with demons.

    Awesome review Sarah, you’ve sold me already ❤

    • Don’t hate me; this is the first I’ve read of Kirkman – I know, I know, shame on me. But it’s obvious now that i’m going to have to give The Walking Dead a go and put aside any of my preconceived “horror” notions. I’m actually surprised at how much I’m enjoying Comic books now as and adult, when I could never get into them as a teen.

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