Lavender and Frankincense Part Two

This is a progress post following me trying Oils in my Face moisturiser.

After the amazing results I’ve had with putting YLEO’s Lavender into my body moisturiser (blog post link below) I decided to give it a go in my facial moisturiser, so I did some reading on the many uses of the Oils I had at home and I added the YLEO’s Lavender and Frankincense to my face moisturiser and I’ve been using it for the last two weeks. After adding the oils the cream definitely feels heavier on my face. I can feel the cream mix sitting on my face for a while after application, but It smells divine and my skin feels wonderful. I’m going to finish off the double oil moisturiser I have made up, but next time around I’ll add the lavender to my face wash and just the frankincense to the moisturiser and see how that goes. Also it’s summer here and has been rather hot, just step out of the shower and your sweating again kind of hot, I actually don’t think I’d notice the weight of the cream on my face the other nine months of the year.

My Previous Post – Part One –

Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in Mona



2 thoughts on “Lavender and Frankincense Part Two

  1. Is it a commercial moisturiser you’re using with them? I find it hard to find a good moisturiser as I get older. Products I used even up until 2 years ago, now feel heavy on my skin too and leave me really blotchy, especially with sun exposure. I’ve started using QV cream instead, but that takes up to half an hour to absorb as well. Could you use the oils in a mask instead? That’s something my skin desperately craves in summer.

    Thanks for sharing Sarah, loving these posts! ❤

    • I hadn’t thought to try it in a mask 🙂
      As a teen and into my early twenties I never really did more with my face other than wash it with the QV or sensitive skin soap alternative I was using on my whole body and I hardly ever mositurised. I never used to wear make up and rarely do now. As i’m getting older my skin is drying up, it’s youthful natural plump healthynees is slowing turning into sagging and dryiness. I will say I think the reason I got this far not needing to do much with my skin is because I refrained from makeup, i’d see my girlfriends cake it on then complain of brake outs, then curse me for my clear skin, I though the connection was pretty clear, they were blocking their face up with crap.
      Anyway I went a bit off track there.
      For the past six months I’d been using Bio-Oil as my facial moisturiser, which I could feel sitting on my face for at least an hour (seriously my glasses would slide off my nose on first application) but damn, it really improved my skins texture. But Bio-Oil is no fun in the warmer weather, putting oil on a sweating face is rather Yuk. I had some Neutrogena facial moisturiser given to me and that’s what I’ve added the oil to. It was really light, silky smooth and quick drying before I added the oils to it, but I’ll never know what it’s long term effects without out the oils would have been on my face as I’d only used it for about two weeks. When I go buy my own cream to continue my testing, I’d say I’ll pick either a QV one as I use their washes and cleaners on myself and my son OR a product by the Red Rock people I get my Jojoba body moisturiser off of (and yes I never bothered to moisturise my feet until I had a problem with the skin on my feet). I’ve started to realise that prevention is better than a cure.

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