Last Kiss

As I was driving to drop my son off at daycare yesterday before work I had my iPhone on shuffle and Pearl Jam’s version of Last Kiss came on, one of my all-time favourite songs. Now I Love the 1961 original By J. Frank Wilson but feel the 1999 Pearl Jam version is more passionate.

So this got me thinking about my all-time loved songs. So I sat in the car park before I took my son inside and scribed down the first Ten songs that jumped into mind. Now I love listening to music and if I really sat down with time to think I know I would come up with more like 200+ all-time favourites, but I thought I’d share this list as it was the first ten off the top of my head.

It wasn’t till I sat down to type this out I was horrified to realise that Stevie Wright’s Evie part one, two & three,  AS WELL AS Deep Purple’s Sweet Child of Time were missing, two of what I would consider top top top of my list (My mother will be disappointed in me for forgetting them). But I’ll stick the rushed scribbled ten for this experiment – and I wonder what they say about me – Thoughts anyone??

Last Kiss – Pearl Jam

Lithium – Nirvana

Sinnerman – Nina Simone

Stand By Me – Ben E King

Live It Up – 360

Nothing On My Mind – Paul Kelly (fighting the bull is one thing, fighting bullshit’s another, you know what I’m saying the bull shit just never seems to die)

Downbound Train – Bruce Springsteen

Chain Of Fools – Aretha Franklin

Holding Out For A Hero – Bonnie Tyler

Follow That Dream – Elvis

What is the Top Ten that spring (without too much thought) to your mind??


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