#PoetryMonth: From Prompt to Poem

My Attempt (Not as good as Robert’s, I think) But I had fun 🙂

Breathtaking the catastrophe is
Pleasant and alluring is the inferno paradise

Fate craving streetwise witches classify mergers
Yearning the distinct Infamous Ruler shelters the disturbance notebook

The vaccine compensation is arousing
Almighty excuses howl and fluctuate

A Life Among The Pages

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fancy lineresize

This month is flying by WAY too fast. As you know, I’m trying to spend the month reading and WRITING poetry since I haven’t done either much lately. Well, I have been reading some more poetry. The writing part of this plan is still not happening much.

At the beginning of the month, I was getting more active on Instagram (surprised me too) and found (/was found by) a poet, Nairy Fstukh, who shared a Tumblr page full of writing prompts from 2012’s National Poetry Month. I don’t find much from prompts that actually prompt me to write a good poem, but I wanted to give a few a try.

The other night, I picked one that seemed interesting. You’ll find that prompt and the poem I created from it, below. And if you’d like to find more on the poet who turned me onto this prompt site, you can…

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