Death Trap: Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge

This is my first attempt at the Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge, so be kind LOL 🙂

Death Trap

I stood breathing heavily, being as still as I could possibly be as the old elevator clunked and rattled around me.

It ground to a halt on the top floor. With an ear piercing screech I scraped the old metal gates open and stepped out. I let out a sigh, I hadn’t plummeted to my death and the decrepit old thing had managed to struggle, surge and take me up to the loft in this rank old warehouse.

What was he thinking? I swear my boyfriend is nuts for purchasing this old rundown warehouse, the lift alone is a death trap.


2 thoughts on “Death Trap: Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge

    • Thanks 🙂 well my brain goes two ways. The place really is a haunted death trap and they both come to a horrific demise or they barely escape OR she also falls in love with the historic building, they lovingly restore it, turn it to a profitable factory again (with ups and downs along the way) and live happily ever after.

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