Hanging my head in failure

Hanging my head in failure.

Putting my tail between my legs and running away.

I’ve decided to opt out of the 2014 WordPress 365 writing prompts. I’ve only managed to do 36 of the 75 so far. I’m going to actively participate in the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge & Weekly Photo Challenge instead; also I’m going to attempt the Friday Fictioneer 100 word story challenge each week.

I want more time to concentrate on my poetry and fiction. I’ve got courses booked in poetry, prose and marketing this year and I’ve pledged to read 60 books (on Goodreads). I’ve read eighteen so far, yay me. I think it is imperative to my development as a writer that I read MORE and as much as I can.

I’ve closed down my Facebook page because running the Blog, Twitter account and two Facebook’s (personal profile and writing page) was really feeling OTT. I set up the FB page so I could keep my personal profile and writing separate. I’ve since come to the conclusion that it’s little silly since I am my writing. I figure when I post something Blog or Poetry related to FB I’ll just make it a public view post, hmm yeah that’ll work LOL.

So I’m still planning to be busy – you’ll still lots of posts from me! All the above, as well as any little amusing antidotes I dream up.



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