Quick! Ones escaped out the door!

This is a poem my friend Jody Gardam wrote about helping out at a friend’s farm.

It’s a beautiful poem, So Aussie, So Jody 🙂

With the sound of the generator and the pouring rain,

I forget the hard work that’s about to begin

I am mesmerized watching the work of the shearer,

Thinking about the end of the day getting nearer

Sweeping the floor, learning the way,

Hearing new words that the shearers say

Gather up the fleece, toss it in the air,

hopefully landing it on the table, it takes some flair!

Counting the sheep, hearing the lambs,

The smell of the lanoline on my hands.

Quick! Ones escaped out the door!

Have to go corner it, catch it and bring it back to the floor.

Only a few left now, about eight or nine,

Still laughing and joking with these friends of mine.

Wool in the bales, on the floor and in my hair,

Every place you look, there’s wool everywhere!

My first day as a roustabout was memorable and fun,

But thank God its home time now and the day is done!


By Jody Gardam

Jody’s on twitter @ellymental80


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