I Got Skills

Today’s post asks us if we could choose to be a master of any skill in the world, which skill would be pick?

I’d pick to be a Master Painter – I can see visions in my head, I can imagine the artworks I’d like to create, but I can’t get them out the way a skilled artist can.

Maybe you’re wondering what with me always writing about wanting to improve my writing why didn’t I go down that root for my master skill fix. But no, I’m confident that with A LOT of HARD WORK I can get myself to point where I’m happy with my writing.

There is no way I’ll ever be a great artist, I don’t have any skills to work with, none whatsoever, but that’s ok I can admire the world’s finest instead.

So yes my Magic Master Skill Fix, would be to be the most awesome painter the world has ever seen mwahahahahahahahaha oh wait that would mean I’ll end up insane and an alcoholic by forty and dead by forty five. Hmmmm So maybe I’d settle to just be a really good artist instead!

365daysofprompts  Post 22/365 (missed 4)


3 thoughts on “I Got Skills

  1. Just buy some colours and a canvas. start right away. art is all about expression. there is nothing wrong in art. buy few brushes. and connect with me if you need any help. all the best!

    • 🙂 I’ve got a cupboard full!!!! My mothers an art teacher and I’ve been surrounded by art of some sort my whole life. I’ve always painted and drawn. While I can get in an emotional state and create some rather good abstract painting that I love, I am no good at realistic drawing and painting etc – I haven’t got the skills or the control.

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