I Love the Creek of Flowers

Free Association

Today’s Post asks us to write down the first words that come to mind when we hear – Home: Creek – Soil: Flowers – Rain: Love

It asks us to use these words in the title of our post.

So you say HOME, I say CREEK; I grew up next to Stoney Creek. Its bottoms not stoney these days, it’s all covered in muck, but my mother remembers swimming in it as a child when the water was a lot cleaner and the block of land she now lives on belonged to her grandmother. Really brave people still swim in it. My dad paddles it frequently in his kayak. Even though if it’s not in the best shape these days, it still is beautiful with some shrubbery still along its banks. I have many fond memories that where made along its banks and the sight of it resembles home in my mind nearly as much as my Mum and Dads house.

You say SOIL, I say FLOWERS; well I think the connection here is rather obvious. I love flowers and gardening, I’m not all that good at and don’t have much time or space these days for it. Whenever I’m out and about I always find myself looking at and admiring other people’s gardens. Maybe one day I’ll have a place where I can create my dream Garden.

You say RAIN, I say LOVE; I love rain! I love it when it rains. I love when it’s raining so hard at work you can’t hear anything over the roar from the tin workshop roof. I used to love it when it rained as I was walking home from school, I always walked slower when it was raining, made sure I got wet to the bone (yes my school bag was water proof, stress less) Swimming when it raining or there is a storm, I’m not quite sure that it’s very safe, but it’s awesome sensory fun. I always sleep better if it’s raining hard or there is a storm. At night I play rain and thunderstorm ambient music to help me sleep. A lot of my child hood memories of camping with my family it was raining and there was always MUD to be played in.

365daysofprompts  Post 18/365 (missed 4)


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