Toot Your Horn

Today’s post presents us with “Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself’’.

Self-deprecating yep that’s me.

My favourite part of myself is my overactive imagination. My overactive imagination has gotten me into all kinds of strife over the years, caused me needless stress, but always kept me entertained.

I over think everything and worry about the outcomes of things that never happen. My mind is always wondering, playing out melodramas in my head, telling me there’s demons under my bed, but always keeping me occupied. I am an only child, but never lacked for company, I was always off in my dream world and still today as an adult I quite like to shy away from company.

I had many sleepless nights as child fearing the monsters I’d made up. I can’t remember all the baddies I’d created in my head but I can remember the story I’d play in my head so I could get it to sleep at night.

I used to imagine my Cat Chum and my Dogs Astro and Cassie could turn into fearsome dinosaurs that answered only to me. Now Chum used to sleep every night on my pillow so I’d tell myself, if anything tried to harm me Chum would alert the others and the three of them would morph and protect me.

I still see demons clawing up the side of my bed to get me even now. It took me until my twenties to be able to sleep without the covers up over my head and if my husband’s not home I have to leave the hall light on.

I can lose a whole day dreaming about faraway lands and future plans. I get so caught up in my head I don’t want to return to the real word, but I like it that way, the real world stinks.

I would like to be able to turn it off at night and get some sleep.

365daysofprompts   Post 16/365 (missed 3)



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