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Today’s post asked us ‘’what’s the eleventh item on your bucket list?’’

#11 – Find a field of heather, on a misty Scottish hillside to dance around in while imagining I am Fiona from Brigadoon.



Ok Sorry I don’t actually have a bucket list, there are many things I want to do before I die, but I’ve never sat and wrote them out.

I’d find it rather depressing to have a list sitting there, because unless I won the lotto it would more than likely never be fulfilled.

If I was to sit down and write a bucket list, most of my items would be travel related, places I’d love to travel to. I’ve managed to see some of my dream holiday and adventure destinations in Australia, but I want see ALL of Australia. I’d love to travel to New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Canada, money money money, damn I’d try and see the WHOLE world if I had the money (and armed forces to protect me). Most activities I’ve wanted to try, I have. I got my husband to teach me to ab-sail and ride a motor bike. I don’t want to bungy jump or jump out of a plane like most people seem to. I’ve toyed with the idea of going to Uni, so that would also be on my list and improving my writing skills. The only other thing would be mending burnt bridges of friendship, but I think that’s a constant thing you’ve always got to work at, so probably doesn’t belong on a bucket list.

I assume what the task wanted us to do was to talk about our eleventh bucket list item, what is it, why do you want to do it etc, So I’ll pick Scotland as my eleven item.

My maternal grandmother was born in Scotland and migrated out to Australia when she was eleven years old. I’d love to go to the town where my grandmother was born and visit her grandparent’s graves. I would love to explore Scotland, its warm people, its historic landmarks and beautiful landscapes. But most of all I would love to find a field of heather, on a misty Scottish hillside to dance around in while imagining I am Fiona from Brigadoon.


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