Albert of Adelaide

I have just read this book again because I love it and I know this won’t be my last time reading it.

Albert of Adelaide – Howard L Anderson

Albert is a platypus, fed up with his life in Adelaide Zoo, he manages to escape and we see Albert make his way through a tough wild west, bang bang shoot em up outback Australia with the help of some unlikely friends he meets along the way.

A Platypus is extremely out of place in the center of Australia and Albert gets into a lot of mischief with his friends, which of course makes for a very entertaining, funny and enjoyable story.

But the whole book isn’t fun and games, there are some deeper moments Mr Anderson managers to hide in there, through the inter-species friendships, alcoholic bandicoots and some rather spiritual Dingoes.

Howard L Anderson writes a fantastic story and you can’t help but fall in love with his characters, you will want to read it time and time again.

“Albert had done all he could, and if it wasn’t enough, he’d worry about it in another life.”

― Howard L. Anderson, Albert of Adelaide



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