“Second Son” a Jack Reacher short story

“Second Son” a Jack Reacher short story – Lee Child

Before I had read this story my Reacher familiarity had only been through One Shot (9th of 18 Reacher Novels) and Echo Burning (5th of 18) I read One Shot and thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

Before One Shot I’d never been into reading crime novels. Really before one shot I’d mainly read fantasy and romances, but Lee Child manages to write in a way that keeps me wanting more as opposed to making me feel sick from the pointless horror I’d come to associate with crime and thriller novels. I’ve only ever gotten the Oh My God that was awesome ‘buzz’ before from epic fantasy and thrilling romances.

I really liked this short story because it took you back to a 13 year old Reacher living with his parents and older brother. I liked reading about Reacher’s father and seeing the start of how his life turns him into the man he becomes. In this story he and his family have just had to move AGAIN, following his dad around in the service. It goes on to show what a tough not so little cookie he has always been, getting into fights and beating up the bigger kids on the base, solving perplexing mysteries and even getting himself a girl – same old Reacher as always – Pure Awesomeness!



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