Luv from Dog by Murray Ball


Romances come and go. But when a man suffers the scorn of a scented seductress, the pain of parting, the ache of a lonely heart, when he’s bursting with shame, humiliation and jealousy, where can he turn? To his best friend, of course: his dog.

luv from dog


‘Luv from Dog’ is a selection of Murray Ball’s 1975 – 1990 Footrot Flats cartoon strips and standalone images all dealing with love and lust. It is a light and humours read that I really enjoyed. You cannot help but fall in love with “Dog” and wish him success in chasing away that She Devil Cheeky heart

There is not much more I can say really – 5 out of 5 stars for an iconic comic and the Man, Mr Bell behind the DOG.go on

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Post 41 of 365: Today’s post ask us to write about something we know we should do but don’t.

This is the first 365 Writing Prompt Post I’ve managed to do for February, so maybe I should say; I Should do my 365 daily post to stretch myself and improve my writing. In my defense I’ve just had way too much going on and my writing has taken a back seat.

There are endless things I should do but don’t:

  1. Exercise more – I don’t think I need to explain this one.
  2. Wash my dogs more often – Poor dirty doggies, I think the effort that has to go into washing Buster has something to do with it. Our three year old female wolfhound cross Ellie loves water, be it swimming or rolling in puddles, so washing her isn’t an issue. Our fourteen year old male wolfhound cross Buster on the other hand hates water. If you’re walking Buster past a body of water larger than a small puddle he will pull at full strength in the opposite direction to get away from it. At full strength Buster is stronger than me, regardless of his age he is a big strong dog, who has a wonderful temperament and is very loving, except when it comes to water. We have to tie him to the clothes line to wash him and you always end up tangled in the rope yourself. He will run around and around the clothes line until there is no rope left. He bucks and barks and really doesn’t enjoy it. He has gotten better as he’s gotten older, he’ll give up after a while on fighting getting washed now as long as he get heaps of tummy rubs during the event to keep him calm. Buster was already six years old when I first met him, as my husband already had him before we met. My husband purchased Buster from a mate’s farm when he was about two, he had been a working dog. Shane says that Buster has always been this way with water. I think that maybe as a young pup he might have nearly drowned in a dam or something.
  3. Try to Swear less – I’m fucking terrible, ask anyone who knows me personally not professionally. I do try and keep my language in check at work. If I’m with people I’m comfortable with or I get a few drinks into me or I hurt myself, then the ‘Bad Words’ come flying out.
  4. Put money aside for a raining day – My husband is a Spend Now Worry Later kind of person, it drives me nuts. Trying to get savings in the bank is nearly impossible these days, it’s always one thing after another. I have set my husband and myself some strict rules of late so we can attempt to rectify this one.
  5. Look after myself better – I don’t think I need to explain this one either. Most mothers put their own needs, health and wellbeing last, hell most women put their own needs last.
  6. Drive slower – Now I don’t fly around doing 100 in a 50 zone or anything and I DO slow down for school zones,  but If I’ve got to get from A to B I just want to get there immediately!! I don’t try to speed, but I do. I’m not going to give you a list of bullshit excuses. I know it’s bad. The end.
  7. Clean my car more often – It’s filthy. I love the way it looks with a freshly washed exterior and vacuumed interior, but I don’t love the having to do it part.

Ok so the list isn’t endless – These are the first things that popped into my mind.

Ripped from the headlines

Today’s post asks us to visit our favourite online news source and pick an article with a headline that grabs you and write a short story based on it.

Now I’m going to give you the story, then I’ll tell you the headline!!!

*****                            *****                           *****

Rufus & Max

Rufus loved Max. Max had saved Rufus from downing when he was only a few months old. Max had been out paddling his canoe in the creek near his house when he came across a distressed little puppy trying to climb back up the bank. Max picked the wet mess of fur up and took him home, washed him, dried him and gave him a feed. Max decided to call him Rufus as he’d been watching Bill and Ted’s awesome adventure the night before and the name sprang to mind. He called up his local vet and off they went for a check-up. Rufus wasn’t microchiped, so max had him microchiped and registered him as his own. He didn’t bother looking for Rufus first owner, he figured if they didn’t bother to keep the pup safe or have him microchiped that they didn’t deserve him. The vet said that Rufus was approximately three months old and that by the looks of it he had wolfhound and kelpie in him.

Max was a rather active kind of bloke, he loved camping, fishing and hiking in the bush and so did Rufus. Rufus was convinced he had the best human in the world and that Max had been made just for him. They had many fun filled years together while max was finishing high school, then starting Uni. Max had even perceived and taught Rufus to swim.

Rufus loved it when Max got his own place and Rufus no longer had to deal with Max’s mother’s evil cats Muffin and Patsy. Muffin and Patsy where always breaking things and Rufus was always getting the blame, no matter how much Max stood up for him. But alas the pressure of having their own home was weighing Max down. Rufus could see how tired Max was getting now that he was working full time and still trying to complete his final year of study. Rufus decided he’d take matters into his own paws, Max needed to rest, he needed a break, so the next morning when Max’s alarm went off, Rufus pulled cord out of the wall with his teeth before it could make enough noise to wake Max, he then smiled to himself and trotted into the kitchen and pulled the telephone cord out just to be sure. Rufus then went and curled up on his favourite purple plush pile rug in the lounge room.

Max awoke a few hours later, he sat up with a shot upon seeing how bright the sun was outside. He looked at his clock but it was turned off, he jumped out of bed and grabbed his phone and turned it on. I think everyone within a kilometre radius would have herd the words he exclaimed when he saw what time it was. There was 10 messages on his mobile phones answering service. He listened to them grimacing as in each message his boss got angrier and angrier. He looked at his alarm clock and wondered how in the hell the power cord had been ripped from the wall, he went and checked his land line telephone and found it’s cord had been pulled out also. He was trying to figure out what had happened, he thought that maybe he had done it sleep walking perhaps.

Max looked at Rufus lying peacefully on his rug, he glanced at the time and decided that he was already in the shit at work anyway so he may as well take Rufus for a swim and some fishing, perhaps when he was fishing he’d be able to come up with some sort of excuse, he hoped.

So Rufus got what he wanted, Max had a sleep in and then they spent a relaxing day fishing and swimming in their favourite spot and Max never really figured out what had happened.

*****                              *****                             *****

The headline that called out to me was “Snooze Dogg turns off owner’s alarm” as it was the only remotely entertaining/ happy sounding title, all the other headlines where sad or serious and I wasn’t in the mood for that.

365daysofprompts  Post 14/365 missed 3

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories

Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories


Pet Rescue is a fantastic organisation that does amazing work

Here they have put together a book of varied stories all about, yep you guessed it – Dogs that have been rescued.

There are stories of survival, loyalty and unconditional love, dogs that have overcome pure horror and hideous treatment. So many of the stories made me cry, but I was always smiling at the end.

A beautiful book, a great read for dog lovers and for anyone needing a pick me up or a little bit of hope and reassurance that the worlds not all bad.


Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together

Today was a first: I took Ellie and Riley for a walk together.

Normally when I go for a walk it’s just my son and I and if my husband comes he brings the dogs. I can’t hold onto all three – 1. Riley in the Pram 2. Buster our big old boy 3. Ellie our younger female dog. Today, in light of Ellie’s boredom and recent destructive behavior, I decided to take her with my son and I on our regular walk.

Surely I thought, I can manage one dog and the pram.

Mission One; trying to get Ellie out of the yard without Buster coming – oh fudge knuckle why must these two follow each other everywhere, but at last success.

Mission Two; trying to give the old  boy a treat to chew on while we’re gone because I feel guilty he can’t come, Ellie  nearly eats my hand, but success and the correct dog ends up with it.

Mission Three; figure out how to walk without pulling the pram over, damn why must this dog keep switching sides, why can’t she pick one, I then decided I was going to try and force her to stay on my left, yeah right. SO we’re walking, we’re walking, it’s all good. I then started to notice she wasn’t being her normal boisterous self, walk past a gate and a dog barks at us, she hides behind me – umm Ellie Girl, where’s my Ellie you normally bark back. We’re walking, we’re walking, little white fluffy dog runs up to us, Ellie try’s to hide behind me, then lays down and cowers on the ground, ummm hello Ellie at home you regularly rough and tumble with a dog twice your size – oh then it dawns on me, Busters not here, she’s only tough when the big old boys with us, hahahahaha.

Damn it Ellie stop hiding behind me I’m not going to save you girl – Well that’s not true there was one occasion before I had my son when Ellie and I went out for an early morning walk and a dog came running out at us, I freaked out and lifted her as high in the air as I could, but that’s another story, and I never walked near there after that.

Mission four; trying to get a descent photo of Ellie and the pram while we were walking . . . . . got two that’ll do.

EllieRi1 EllieRi2

Come home, put Ellie back out the back and she’s all over Buster, acting like she hasn’t seen him in days lol funny dog, hope she remembers how happy she was to see him when their competing for prime sleeping positions tonight.

So In conclusion I did manage one dog and the pram and I know if I keep doing it she’ll get used to it and it’ll get easier.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


My Ellie Girl (not sure if she’s looking guilty or worried).

I laughed when I opened my emails this morning and saw that this weeks photo challenge is ‘Unexpected’. My photos are not of anything unexpected, but the story behind them was.

This Morning at 4.30 we heard our Ellie girl barking, OUT THE FRONT. Now Ellie isn’t the type of dog that runs away, even if that gates open or digs holes for that matter, but she decided to dig under the side fence and then go and sit on the front lawn barking at the dog across the road – Did I mention this dog doesn’t normally dig and it was a 4.30am – very unexpected.

Below is my husbands repair job on the hole, it was a rather big hole, i only wish i’d gotten a photo before he filled it in – would have been much more impressive.